Take a Snapshot in VLC Media Player

VLC is a widely well known media player,Even thought you are familiar with VLC media player i would like to give a small introduction about it. VLC is a media player from the Open source family furthermore it supports most Audio Format and Video Format files moreover it is compatible with most of Operating systems like Windows,Mac, Linux as well as Android and have more systems are supported by the VLC Media Player therefore, is popular all over world.

VLC Media player comprise a lot of features which is hiding from view of the user.let i say one feature which is very useful for the user . When you are watching any videos sometimes you would have liked to save a video scene as a snapshot which is very useful for your projects works or any others reasons but you need an image of the scene.if you are watch the video in VLC that is possible .

Do the Steps.

Save any Scene as a Image

  • Play the video and when the scene comes Pause the video
  • Right Click on the mouse button or Select the Video From Menu Bar. Sub menu will display with many options , you can find Take Snapshot Option in that sub menu just click on it . Now the scene will be saved as a image format. The saved placed will be displayed on the screen. The image will save Administrator – Pictures folder in default.

VLC Snapshot

How to Change the Default Settings

In default, The image are saved in PNG format in the Picture folder on Administrator.if you want to save the image in JPEG Format as well as in a different directory on your system, you can make it possible.

  • Open VLC Media Player and Select Tools and Click Preferences or Ctrl + P.
  • Preference window will be displayed, You can see show settings option in the left bottom of the icon list. Select the All option under the Show Settings .
  • The Icon of the option will be changed to list, scroll the menu in the bottom and Click Video option on the list. The General video Settings option will be appeared in the right side.Scroll down the menu until find the Snapshot settings.

preferences option window

Snapshot Settings Option

  • Video snapshot directory ( or filename ) : You can select a alternative directory to save the image.
  • Video snapshot file prefix : The default VLC Media player prefix is vlcsnap, if you like you can change the name to as you like .
  • Video snapshot format : Use this option to save images in PNG or JPG Format as per your wish.
  • Display video snapshot preview: You will be got a Snapshot Preview.
  • Use Sequential numbers instead of timestamps : Use this option to save the images by using sequential numbers instead of timestamps.
  • Video snapshot width : Set the Width of the images .
  • Video snapshot height : Set the height of the images.

Make changes on VLC Snapshot settings

Change the settings as per your wish and restart the VLC Media Player . The image Quality is depended on the video quality.

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